Accepted Papers Print

REGULAR PAPERS (total: 24)

(8) Sheng Li, Junhu Wang, Kewen Wang and Jiang Li: "A distance-based Spelling Suggestion Method for XML Keyword Search"

(10) Yue Wang, Haixun Wang, Hongsong Li and Kenny Zhu: "Toward Topic Search on the Web"

(12) Lam-Son Lê and Aditya Ghose: "Contracts + Goals = Roles?"

(19) Sandeep Purao, Veda Storey, Wolfgang Maass, Jim Jansen and Madhu Reddy: "An Integrated Conceptual Model to Incorporate Information Tasks in Workflow Models"

(21) Stefan Anderlik, Bernd Neumayr and Michael Schrefl: "Using Domain Ontologies as Semantic Dimensions in Data Warehouses"

(28) Eirini Ntoutsi, Kostas Stefanidis, Kjetil Nørvåg and Hans-Peter Kriegel: "Fast Group Recommendations by Applying User Clustering"

(32) Md. Saiful Islam, Chengfei Liu and Rui Zhou: "User Feedback Based Query Refinement by Exploiting Skyline Operator"

(35) Haridimos Kondylakis and Dimitris Plexousakis: "Ontology Evolution: Assisting Query Migration"

(41) Andreas Meyer and Mathias Weske: "Data Support in Process Model Abstraction"

(42) Antonio Villegas, Antoni Olivé and Maria-Ribera Sancho: "Understanding Constraint Expressions in Large Conceptual Schemas by Automatic Filtering"

(44) Tilmann Zäschke, Stefania Leone and Moira C. Norrie: "Optimising Schema Evolution Operation Sequences in Object Databases for Data Evolution"

(46) Markus Guentert, Matthias Kunze and Mathias Weske: "Evaluation Measures for Similarity Search Results in Process Model Repositories"

(51) David Aguilera, Cristina Gómez and Antoni Olivé: "A method for the definition and treatment of conceptual schema quality issues"

(57) Soumaya Amdouni, Mahmoud Barhamgi, Djamal Benslimane, Allel Hadjali, Rim Faiz and Parisa Ghodous: "A Preference-Aware Query Model for Data Web Services"

(59) Lidia Lopez, Xavier Franch and Jordi Marco: "Specialization in i* Strategic Rationale Models"

(60) Yoones A. Sekhavat and Jeffrey Parsons: "Sliced Column-Store (SCS): Ontological Foundations and Practical Implications"

(65) Deryle W. Lonsdale, David W. Embley, Stephen Liddle, Joseph S. Park, Byung-Joo Shin and Andrew Zitzelberger: "Cross-Language Hybrid Keyword and Semantic Search"

(94) Lior Limonad, Pieter De Leenheer, Mark Linehan, Rick Hull and Roman Vaculin: "Ontology of Dynamic Entities"

(103) Alberto Siena, Ivan Jureta, Angelo Susi, Anna Perini, Silvia Ingolfo and John Mylopoulos: "Capturing Variability of Law with Nòmos 2"

(118) Mario Cervera, Manoli Albert, Victoria Torres and Vicente Pelechano: "The MOSKitt4ME Approach: Providing Process Support in a Method Engineering Context"

(136) Jingjing Wang, Haixun Wang, Zhongyuan Wang and Kenny Zhu: "Understanding Tables on the Web"

(142) Roberto De Virgilio: "A linear algebra technique for (de)centralized processing of SPARQL queries"

(171) Rik Eshuis and Pieter Van Gorp: "Synthesizing Object Life Cycles from Business Process Models"

(174) Constantin Houy, Peter Fettke and Peter Loos: "Understanding understandability of conceptual models – What are we actually talking about?"

SHORT PAPERS (total: 13)

(31) Narasimha Bolloju, Sandeep Purao and Chuan Hoo Tan: "Conceptual Modeling for Systems Integration"

(37) Jeannette Stark and Werner Esswein: "Rules from Cognition for Conceptual Modelling"

(38) Alejandro Maté, Juan Trujillo and John Mylopoulos: "Conceptualizing and Specifying Key Performance Indicators in Business Strategy Models"

(48) Nicolas Lumineau, Frederique Laforest, Yann Gripay and Jean-Marc Petit: "Extending conceptual database design for dynamic environments"

(81) Alexander Albrecht and Felix Naumann: "Schema Decryption for Large Extract-Transform-Load Systems"

(87) Sivan Yogev and Haggai Roitman: "Bridging the Gaps Towards Advanced Data Discovery over Semi-Structured Data"

(95) Fabiano Dalpiaz, Estefanía Serral, Pedro Valderas, Paolo Giorgini and Vicente Pelechano: "A NFR-based Framework for User-Centered Adaptation"

(100) Inma Hernandez, Carlos R. Rivero, David Ruiz and Rafael Corchuelo: "Discovering Conceptual Models behind Web Sites using URL Patterns"

(108) Mohsen Asadi, Dragan Gasevic, Yair Wand and Marek Hatala: "Deriving Variability Patterns in Software Product Lines by Ontological Considerations"

(117) Robson Do Nascimento Fidalgo, Elvis Maranhão De Souza, Sergio España, Jaelson Brelaz De Castro and Oscar Pastor: "ERMM: A MetaModel for the Entity-Relationship Model"

(131) Scott Britell and Lois Delcambre: "Mapping Semantic Widgets to Web-based, Domain-specific Collections"

(162) Tomer Sagi and Avigdor Gal: "Non-Binary Evaluation for Schema Matching"

(178) Serena Sorrentino, Sonia Bergamaschi and Elena Parmiggiani: "An Automatic Supervised Method for Lexical Annotation of Schema Labels based on Wikipedia"

POSTERS (total: 3)

(5) Jose Ignacio Panach Navarrete, Natalia Juristo Juzgado and Oscar Pastor Lopez: "Introducing Usability in a Conceptual Modeling-Based Software Development Process"

(99) Verena Simone Ebner, Boris Otto and Hubert Österle: "Conceptualizing data in multinational enterprises: Model design and application"

(173) Benjamin Mosig and Maximilian Roeglinger: "A Metadata-based Approach to Leveraging the Information Supply of Business Intelligence Systems"