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Accepted demos

  1. Elena Planas, David Sanchez-Mendoza, Jordi Cabot and Cristina Gómez: "Alf-verifier: An Eclipse Plugin for Verifying Alf/UML Executable Models"
  2. Antonio Villegas, Antoni Olivé and Maria-Ribera Sancho: "A Web-based Filtering Engine for Understanding Event Specifications in Large Conceptual Schemas"
  3. David Aguilera, Cristina Gómez and Antoni Olivé: "An Eclipse Plugin for Improving the Quality of UML Conceptual Schemas"
  4. Petar Jovanovic, Oscar Romero, Alkis Simitsis and Alberto Abelló: "Requirement-driven Creation and Deployment of Multidimensional and ETL Designs"
  5. Elda Paja, Fabiano Dalpiaz, Mauro Poggianella, Pierluigi Roberti and Paolo Giorgini: "STS-Tool: Using Commitments to Specify Socio-Technical Security Requirements"
  6. Robert Krawatzeck, Frieder Jacobi and Marcus Hofmann: "CAWE DW Documenter: A Model-driven Tool for Customizable ETL Documentation Generation"