PhD Symposium Print

Accepted papers

  1. Rania Soussi. "SPIDER-Graph: A model for heterogeneous graphs extracted from a relational database" (regular)
  2. Maria Amalfi. "Exploiting Data Dependencies with Null Values for Ontology Extraction" (regular)
  3. Marius Octavian Olaru. "Partial Multi-Dimensional Schema Merging in Heterogeneous Data Warehouses" (regular)
  4. Matteo Interlandi. Knowlog: "A Declarative Language for Reasoning about Knowledge in Distributed Systems" (poster)
  5. Hassan A. Sleiman. "A Framework For Populating Ontological Models From Semi-Structured Web Documents" (poster)
  6. Luca Carafoli. "Data Management in a Modern ITS: Problems and Solutions" (poster)