The ISLab Instance Matching Benchmark

Provided by the Information Systems & Knowledge Management Lab
Dipartimento di Informatica e Comunicazione - Università degli Studi di Milano
via Comelico 39, 20135, Milano, Italy
Contact person for IIMB: Alfio Ferrara (ferrara at

The ISLab Instance Matching Benchmark is a benchmark automatically constituted using one data source and modifying it according to various criterias. The benchmark is generated using the ISLab Instance Matching Benchmark tool.

The testbed (download) provide OWL/RDF data about actors, sport persons, and business firms taken from the OKKAM project.

You can directly access each data source by the URL:[dataset ID]/abox.owl, where [dataset ID] ranges from 001 to 037.

The dataset is organized as follows:

The main directory contains 37 sub-directories and the original ABox and the associated TBox (abox.owl and tbox.owl). The original ABox contains about 200 different instances. Each sub-directory contains a modified ABox (abox.owl + tbox.owl) and the corresponding mapping with the instances in the original ABox (refalign.rdf). The introduced modifications are the following: