Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative - The OAEI 2018 Campaign

OAEI 2018::Instance Matching Track

The Instance Matching Track aims at evaluating the performance of matching tools when the goal is to detect the degree of similarity between pairs of items/instances expressed in the form of OWL Aboxes.

Task description

IIMB (show/hide results)

In the IIMB (ISLab Instance Matching Benchmark), participants are asked to match the instances of a reference ontology against 80 other ontologies, each corresponding to a specific matching task.
Each task has been created by systematically applying a set of transformations to the reference ontology. In particular, the TBox is unchanged, while the ABox is modified in several ways by generating a set of new ABoxes. Transformation operations are distinguished in three categories, namely data value transformation, data structure transformation, and data semantics transformation.
The specific combination of functions used for each class of transformations is reported in a description file for each matching task.

Dataset download: IIMB dataset

Contact: Alfio Ferrara and Stefano Montanelli.