The ISLab (Information Systems and knowledge management) group

is the research group on databases, information systems, and knowledge management of the Dipartimento di Informatica of the Università degli Studi di Milano. ISLab is led by Professor Silvana Castano and it is composed of Researchers, PhD students, and Post doc.

Research activity at ISLab is mainly focused on semantic integration, management, and coordination of data, information, and knowledge in new generation systems, spanning from conventional Web to semantic and social Webs. The UNIMI group is well known for his research activity on schema and ontology matching and integration and for its HMatch ontology matching system evaluated in the OAEI international contest. The ISLab group is also an international reference for instance matching and it is one of the founders of the instance matching track, part of OAEI since 2009.
Recent research activities at the ISLab regard semantic crowdsourcing, data clouding, knowledge discovery and coordination in open distributed systems, instance matching, ontology matching and evolution, semantic P2P communities, data integration and semantic interoperability. On these topics, the ISLab group has been involved in several projects, among which the European projects FP7 EQANIE EURO-INF SPREAD, FP6 STREP BOEMIE, FP6 INTEROP NoE and the national projects PRIN ESTEEM, FIRB WEB MINDS, and COFIN D2I projects. The ISLab group takes part to the "Dote Ricerca Applicata" project between Regione Lombardia and Università degli Studi di Milano by leading two research themes in partnership with the Fastweb company.

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