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The lectures provide a general introduction to information retrieval research.

In particular, the lectures address the issues of document retrieval on the web and they are specifically focused on mining, analysis, classification, and clustering of textual data.

An update review of design and implementation of systems for document indexing and search will be provided. The syllabus is then focused on the evaluation of information retrieval systems, the use of machine learning techniques on textual data collections, and on latent and probabilistic semantic indexing.

Finally, the course provides and introduction of NoSql databases for the implementation of information retrieval systems.

Time scheduling

Mon 10.30-13.30 room 5, Via Comelico 39
Wed 15.30-18.30 room 5, Via Comelico 39

Student consulting hours

Alfio Ferrara
Fri 11.30-13.30 - room S209bis (2 floor)

Changes in the consulting hours will be published on this web site in the news section (right side of the web page).
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